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Novation Dicer


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An Awesome Upgrade for Any DJ Deck!

There are many excellent DJ controllers and control surfaces out there that take advantage of Serato Scratch’s advanced cue and looping functions. On the other hand, there are many more that don’t. You don’t need a new deck in order to get the most out of Scratch anymore – all you need is a Novation Dicer! The result of a collaboration with Serato and DJ TechTools’ Ean Golden (a DJ whose practical approach to DJing and using computer technology has been an inspiration to many of today’s hottest up-and-coming DJs), the Dicer extends straightforward usefulness and software integration into Serato Scratch.

The Dicer lets you instantly set cue points, which you can use for hot cues, loops, rolls, and more. Each mode lights the Dicer’s buttons up a different color, so you get the instant feedback you need – not to mention more cool lights on your deck. And with the Dicer’s “learn” function, you’re not restricted to preset functions or even to using Serato Scratch. So, you can use the Dicer to browse your crate, load tracks, trigger effects, and more – in short, anything that will make your show cooler than before.

The Dicer hardware comes in a pair of palm-sized cue-point/looping controllers that fit perfectly on the corner of your turntables – right where you need them! In fact, if you use Technics SL 1200s or similar decks, you can mount the Dicer hardware right onto the deck. Otherwise, you can use Novation’s DJ putty to stick them just about anywhere. If you want options, you’ll get them with the Dicer DJ controller by Novation!

Novation Dicer DJ Controller Features at a Glance:

  • Backlit, multicolor, soft-touch “dice” buttons provide immediate LED feedback from Serato Scratch Live software
  • Locks straight onto Technics SL 1200/10s and similar decks
  • Attaches to CDJs, mixers, and laptops
  • Reusable DJ putty allows you to stick the Dicer cleanly and directly onto your CDJs, mixer, or laptop
  • Pre-programmed to take advantage of the cue-point and looping functions in Serato Scratch Live, including Hot Cues, Auto Roll, and Loop Roll
  • Fully MIDI assignable to work with all major DJ software
  • Ready-made setup files for other DJ software
  • USB bus powered
  • Designed by Novation, in collaboration with Serato and DJ TechTools’ Ean Golden

Novation’s Dicer trigger set can transform any pair of turntables into cutting-edge DJ controllers!

Specification Detail
Controller Style Triggers
Mixer Section No mixer section
Platters/Type No platters
Faders No faders
Crossfader No crossfader
Pads/Triggers 2 x units with 5 pads each and multiple mode switches
Audio Interface No audio interface
Inputs No I/O
Outputs No I/O
Standalone Mixer No standalone mixer
Built-in Playback No built-in playback
Onboard Effects No onboard effects
Included Software No included software
Width 3.5″ (each)
Depth 3.5″ (each)
Height .5″ (each)
Weight .16 lbs. (each)
Manufacturer Part Number Dicer

CS 1
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