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Genelec 8020B


EUR 840 / pair
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The Genelec 8020B active nearfield monitor gives you amazingly clear, accurate sound from a very compact speaker! Genelec builds the quality you’ve come to expect into each 8020B, from the distinctive cast-aluminum enclosure to the premium 4″ LF driver and 3/4″ tweeter to the dual 20-watt amplifiers. You’ll be amazed at the big, natural sound you get from such a small enclosure! Now, you don’t have to compromise on accurate monitoring — even if your space is limited. Equipped with an Iso-Pod stand, The Genelec 8020B is also ready for stand- or wall-mount applications.

Studios all over the world rely on Genelec monitor systems every day. For accuracy and consistency they can’t be beat! Now Genelec has delivered its smallest speaker system to date with the new 8020B. This system is designed for monitoring in difficult listening environments, especially those compromised by lack of space.

Genelec 8020B Active Monitor Speaker at a Glance:

  • The characteristics of the 8000 Series in a compact size
  • Remarkable response from 4″ bass driver and 3/4″ tweeter
  • Improved frequency and power performance from MDE enclosure
  • DCW waveguide enhances sweet spot
  • Cast aluminum enclosure for optimum stiffness

The characteristics of the 8000 Series in a compact size
All the natural, uncolored, and extremely low distortion reproduction characteristics of the highly praised Genelec 8000 series are here in the 8020B, with a low-frequency extension you would never expect. Size is no handicap to performance with the 8020B! It incorporates Genelec’s acoustic design innovations to minimize all forms of distortion. The 8020B has a die-cast aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE), which features relatively large internal volumes, softly curved edges, and outstanding mechanical strength. As a result, the 8020B’s imaging accuracy and low frequency extension with such a compact enclosure are truly astounding.

Remarkable response from 4″ bass driver and 3/4″ tweeter
Each 8020B monitor features a 4″ bass driver along with a 3/4″ tweeter loaded into a new advanced Genelec Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW) for optimum dispersion of highs. The free field frequency response is 66Hz to 20kHz (±2.5dB). Bass and treble are each powered by 20-watt amplifiers. By adding the 7050B subwoofer to a pair of 8020Bs you create a full bandwidth surround system with genuine Genelec quality.

Improved frequency and power performance from MDE enclosure
In order to improve frequency and power responses in the 8020B and other 8000 Series monitors, Genelec created the highly innovative Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE), featuring rounded edges and gently curved front and sides. In addition to unsurpassed frequency response, the 8020B’s minimized cabinet edge diffraction yields superb imaging qualities.

DCW waveguide enhances sweet spot
The 8020B’s revolutionary Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW) has been further enhanced to provide extremely accurate control of the speaker’s directivity. This specially-shaped and very smooth surface is integrated with the 8020B enclosure and its area has been maximized to achieve an astoundingly flat on and off-axis frequency response. It provides a wide and consistent listening window, and minimizes harmful early room reflections and other colorations associated with conventional designs.

Optimized die-cast aluminum structure
The 8020B is housed in Genelec’s stiff and sturdy, yet thin and light die-cast aluminum enclosure. The cabinet wall curvature has been designed for best rigidity-to-weight ratio and optimal damping to minimize wall resonances. This also maximizes the internal volume, improving low-frequency response. The extremely durable semi-matte finish and acoustically optimized metal grilles allow for intensive handling without damaging the monitor. To increase the woofer’s low frequency extension and SPL capacity, Genelec has designed an ingenious flow optimized reflex port. The long, curved tube maximizes airflow so deep bass can be reproduced without compression. The tube terminates with a wide flare, minimizing port noises and providing excellent bass articulation.

Iso-Pod Isolation Positioner/Decoupler
Every Genelec 8000 series monitor comes with an Iso-Pod (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler) as standard. The rubber based Iso-Pod has adjustable speaker tilt so that the acoustical axis can be pointed precisely towards the listener for best sound reproduction. The isolation feature prevents coloration caused by conduction of unwanted vibration to the mixing console or other mounting surface. Plus, the 8020B includes provisions for mounting on a mic stand or on the wall.

Genelec 8020B Active Monitor Speaker Features:

  • Compact, two-way active nearfield playback monitor
  • Aluminum MDE enclosure
  • Drive units: magnetically shielded 4″ low frequency and .75″ high-frequency
  • Frequency response 55Hz-21kHz
  • Maximum peak SPL output per pair 105dB at 1 meter
  • Balanced input on XLR connector
  • Integrated crossover and amps – 20 watts lows, 20 watts highs
  • EQ controls on rear panel
  • On/Off switch
  • Suitable for 2200 cubic ft./pair
  • Iso-Pod mounting stand included, plus integrated omnimount series 20.5 mounting threads, 3/8″ mic stand thread and wall mount fixtures

The Genelec 8020B is a mighty mite of a monitor!

Specification Detail
Powered Yes
Power Configuration Biamped
LF Driver Size 4″
HF Driver Size .75″
HF Driver Type Dome
LF Driver Power Amp 20W
HF Driver Power Amp 20W
Frequency Range 66Hz-20kHz (+/- 2.5 dB)
Crossover Frequency 3kHz
Maximum Peak SPL ?105 dB SPL @ 1m
Enclosure Type Ported
Input Types 1 x XLR
Output Types No Output
Height 8.9″
Width 5.94″
Depth 5.6″
Weight 8.1 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 8020BPM

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