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Steinberg UR28M


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Analog Quality Meets Digital Flexibility!

Steinberg’s UR28M USB interface combines the amazing sound quality of discrete analog circuitry with the power and flexibility of digital signal processing. Featuring two of Steinberg’s celebrated D-Pre microphone preamps, the UR28M puts breathtaking Class A analog preamp circuitry right on your desktop. Tracking with the UR28M’s onboard DSP is incredibly easy, allowing you to add reverb and channel-strip processing to your monitor mix. A digitally controlled monitor bus also adds excellent control-room functions, all of which is easily accessed via the Steinberg UR28M’s convenient top panel.

Steinberg UR28M USB 2.0 Audio Interface at a Glance:

  • Amazing analog circuitry
  • Built-in DSP makes tracking easy
  • Digital monitoring convenience

Amazing analog circuitry
True discrete Class A preamp circuitry makes the Steinberg UR28M stand out, particularly among USB audio interfaces at its price point. Wait till you hear the astonishing sound quality the UR28M has to offer! This fantastic pair of preamps takes desktop recording to a whole new level!

Built-in DSP makes tracking easy
Steinberg knows that dull and lifeless monitor mixes lead to dull and lifeless performances. That’s why they gave the UR28M powerful built-in DSP functions. Each analog input (two balanced TRS line inputs and two XLR/TRS combo jacks) has its own dedicated DSP channel strip, allowing you to dial in dynamics and EQ processing. You also get a master REV-X reverb, which you can use to add dimension to the vocal mix. And controlling these effects is super easy, thanks to Steinberg’s dspMixFx mixer software. You’ll love tracking with the UR28M!

Digital monitoring convenience
Steinberg’s dspMixFx mixer software allows you to do even more than adjust the settings of the UR28M’s built-in DSP processing, it also lets you create custom mixes. Set up three completely independent monitor mixes at once. This makes the UR28M perfect for headphone mixes and outboard effects sends, allowing you to easily integrate the rest of your studio gear.

Steinberg UR28M USB 2.0 Audio Interface Features:

  • Excellent 24-bit/96 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface with phenomenal analog and digital circuitry
  • 4 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs, plus a dedicated 1/8″ stereo input for reference sources such as MP3 players
  • 2 x Steinberg’s D-Pre Class A discrete mic preamps with +48V phantom power onboard give you excellent analog sound
  • 2-channel coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O lets you hook up high-quality outboard gear
  • 6 x 1/4″ outputs let you send custom mixes to monitors and outboard gear
  • Built-in DSP REV-X reverb and four Steinberg Channel Strips allow you to record and monitor with effects and processing – without latency!
  • Control onboard DSP with Steinberg’s dspMixFx mixer software
  • Digitally controlled monitor level control with DIM, Mono, and Mute fed by a 3×3 monitoring matrix
  • 2 x separate headphone buses with individual outputs
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Native VST 3 plug-ins of REV-X and Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip additionally included
  • Includes Cubase AI music production software

Get flexible DSP and amazing onboard preamps, with Steinberg’s UR28M USB 2.0 audio interface!

Specification Detail
Computer Connection Type USB 2.0
Form Factor Desktop
Simultaneous I/O 6
A/D Resolution 24-bit/96 kHz
Built In DSP/FX Yes (reverb and channel-strip processing)
Number of Audio Inputs 4
Audio Inputs Types 2 x XLR Combo, 2 x TRS
Number of Audio Outputs 8
Audio Output Types 6 x 1/4″, 2 x headphone
Number of Digital Inputs 2
Digital Input Types S/PDIF (coaxial)
Number of Digital Outputs 2
Digital Output Types S/PDIF (coaxial)
Number of Preamps 2
Phantom Power Yes (2)
Clock I/O No Word Clock I/O
Bus Powered Not Bus Powered
Rack Units Not Rackmountable
Depth 6.46″
Width 11.46″
Height 2.32″
Weight 3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number UR28M

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