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ADAM Audio F7


Rp. 9.500.000 / Pasang
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Exceptional ADAM speaker sound and technology, in an affordable 7” woofer size.

Adam monitors are found in top recording and post production studios all over the world, and now take their extensive knowledge of studio speaker technology and have created a more affordable entry line of monitors. The F7 has the same dimensions and a similar sound quality to the well respected A7X, but at a lower price point.

The F7 features ADAM Audio’s proprietary Accelerating Ribbon Technology, the most famous of all ADAM inventions, assuring for utmost clarity of the high frequencies.

The 7” carbon/paper-midwoofer comes with a 37mm voice coil. It has been designed to perfectly complemet the ART tweeter. It stars in both the deep registers and the musically crucial midrange.

The F7 shares the same controls of the F5: a volume knob (-∞ to +6dB) and two room EQ’s for both the high (>5kHz) and the low (<300Hz) frequencies.


  • Same size and similar sound of the flagship A7X
  • 7” Woofer made from carbon and paper and a 25mm voice coil
  • Deep tight bass response

This is the perfect solution for smaller home studios that need professional monitoring. Order today.


F7 7″ Near Field Monitor

  • Mid-Woofer
  • Number 1
  • Basket Ø 7″ (177 mm)
  • Voice coil Ø 1.5″ (37 mm)
  • Cone material Glass fibre/paper
  • Built-in Amplifiers
  • Mid-Woofer 1
  • Type A/B
  • Amp. power RMS / music 60 W / 85 W
  • Tweeter 1
  • Type A/B
  • Amp. power RMS / music 40 W / 55 W
  • Control panel
  • Input Sensitivity -∞ to +6 dB
  • High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz ±6 dB
  • Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz ±6 dB
  • Input connectors
  • Analog XLR / RCA
  • General data
  • Frequency response 44 Hz – 50 kHz
  • Max. peak ≥113 dB
  • Weight 19.8 lb (9 kg)
  • Magnetically shielded No
  • Height x Width x Depth 12.5″ (321 mm) x 9″ (225 mm) x 10.5″ (266 mm)
  • Warranty 2 Years

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