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Achieve Solid, Deep Bass in Your Studio – Affordably

Long to stop making educated guesses about what the lowest octave of your recordings sounds like? The KRK10S active studio subwoofer will transform the way you monitor. The KRK10S doesn’t require a sizable investment or an acre of unused studio space – just a pair of good nearfields. The result? Tight low-end extension to 34Hz and impressive dynamic range. Mated to a pair of KRK VXT or RokitG2 series nearfield monitors, the massive soundstage is “cut from the same sonic cloth” – another way of saying that subwoofers are often best used with full-range monitors from the same manufacturer.

Whatever your monitoring requirements, existing equipment, and studio space, the KRK10S easily integrates into your setup. This is a serious professional tool, and KRK has addressed your installation needs with a full complement of controls for input sensitivity, lowpass frequency adjustment, phase, and ground lift. Do your monitoring needs run toward multichannel? The KRK10S is also at home as the foundation of a 5.1 or 7.1 monitoring system. Extended bass, exhilarating dynamic range, and pro features in a compact package at an affordable price – a dream come true? Quite possibly. If you have questions about the KRK10S – or subwoofers in general – contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer – he or she will be happy to assist you in upgrading your studio monitoring.

KRK10S 10″ Active Studio Subwoofer Features at a Glance:

  • Strong, extended low-frequency response
  • Increase your monitoring system’s dynamic range
  • Mates well with any nearfield monitors
  • Power: 225W
  • Speaker: 10″
  • Frequency response: 34Hz-50Hz (variable to 130Hz) +/-1.5dB
  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs
  • Balanced TRS inputs
  • Unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs
  • Lowpass frequency adjustment
  • Phase switch, ground lift
  • Level control

Transform your studio monitoring with the KRK10S active subwoofer!

Specification Detail
Powered Yes
Driver Size 10″
Driver Type Cone
Driver Material High-Excursion Glass Aramid Composite
Driver Power Amp 225W
Frequency Range 34Hz-50Hz (variable to 130Hz)
Crossover Frequency 80Hz
Maximum Peak SPL 113dB SPL @ 1m
Input Types 2 x XLR,2 x TRS, 2 x RCA
Output Types 2 x XLR, 2 x RCA
Height 16″
Width 14″
Depth 16.6″
Weight 40.2 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number KRK10S-NA

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