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Livid Instruments Base


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Packs a Ton of Performance Potential in a Small Footprint

It’s an ultra-responsive set of drum pads. It’s a highly configurable mixing control surface for your DAW. The Livid Base USB controller could even become an indispensable part of your live performance rig, for electronic musicians and DJs alike. With 32 amazingly expressive pads, nine touch faders, eight touch buttons, and eight function buttons, you’ve got no shortage of options for controlling your software instruments or DAW. We want Sweetwater customers to have flexible tools that can adapt to modern production workflows, and that’s exactly what you get with the Livid Base.

Livid Base USB Control Surface at a Glance:

  • You’ll become addicted to these pads
  • New performance capabilities with touch faders and touch buttons
  • Tap into a community of dedicated control freaks

You’ll become addicted to these pads
Countless electronic musicians have exclaimed their surprise at how expressive and responsive the 32 programmable pads on the Livid Base are. They’re even pressure sensitive, so you can play instruments with aftertouch too. While you can freely assign these buttons to do other things like send program change messages, mute and solo tracks, and so on, you’ll love playing your virtual instruments with these pads. And because you’ve got 32 pads in the same space as most 16-pad controllers, you can easily set up a bank of 16 pads for drums and 16 pads for other functions, and color code each section for easy visual identification.

New performance capabilities with touch faders and touch buttons
You’ve got nine touch faders on the Livid Base, and eight touch buttons above those. You can assign them to virtual faders in your software of course, but they’re also extremely creative tools for triggering instruments and effects. Because you can instantly jump to different values, you can create random, glitchy effects you can’t create with linear knobs and faders. And the touch faders and touch buttons can send note and velocity messages too, so try them with your favorite soft synths and you’ll be surprised at what you can create.

Tap into a community of dedicated control freaks
Musicians at Sweetwater have been around long enough to know that “extremely customizable” can sometimes be code for “you’ll spend hours programming this” – not so with the Livid Base. It is easy to configure, but the best part is that thousands of other Base users have been creating their own custom maps for years. In fact you may find that you never have to program anything on the Base, because other users have probably blazed the trail for you already.

Livid Base USB Control Surface Features:

  • Packs 32 pads velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads into the space of a typical 16-pad controller
  • Nine touch faders can be used like traditional faders, but can also send note and velocity data
  • Easily programmable, with color-coded buttons for easy visual identification of your parameters
  • Perfect for use as a pad controller for instruments, a mixing surface for your DAW, and much more
  • USB powered, with no drivers required
  • Thousands of pre-configured templates for popular software instruments and DAWs available online
  • Dimensions: 10.25″ x 11″ x .75″ (WDH)
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

The Vivid Base is ready to integrate into any modern production workflow!

Specification Detail
Aftertouch Yes
Number of Performance Pads 32
Number of Encoders/Pots No encoders
Number of Sliders/Faders 9 x touch faders
Dedicated Transport Control No
Other Controllers 8 x touch buttons, 8 x function buttons
Height 0.75″
Width 10.25″
Depth 11″
Weight 3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number LVBASE01

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